Olive is the generic name to describe a fruit. There are many types of olives and each with its features. Not all grown under the same climatic conditions. For location and tradition, the olive that grow in our area is the Arbequina, because the climate and soil where they are is suitable for cultivation.

Arbequina olive tree: is a somewhat deserted tree branches and dark green olive unlike others that have an ashen white.

Arbequina olive: is very small (though not arrive or two grams) and fat. This fat is what we call olive oil and despite the small size of the Arbequina oil is extracted less than in other varieties of olives.

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OLIVES: 100% arbequina olives.

ARBEQUINA: Purple/green, small, spherical olive.

EXTRA VIRGIN: Characteristic that determines the quality of the oil. Obtained from the first pressed without using heat or chemicals. With this cold extraction process, the oil keeps all the properties from the olive.

AROMA: Fruity and apple.

TASTE: Almond.


ACIDITY: Less than 0,2ºC.