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HuguetGüell is a family business dedicated to the marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Les Partides P.D.O. Siurana (Catalonia, Spain). In the early eighteenth century, when the branding did not exist, our family began to grow and cultivate olives and produce olive oil, in the lands of Baix Camp (Tarragona, North-East of Spain). The mill was located in the building next to the main house where the family lived. The main house is beautifully preserved and the pressing machines can be seen in the adjacent garden.
Each generation has introduced new ideas, we have re-branded the oil with the intention to reach this product to new markets. Our blandly is modern, but the expertise has been handed down from generation to generation. Our Oil is called, Les Partides, in memory of one of the first lands that belonged to our family, we wanted to honor our ancestors.